The Complete Set

Before I birthed my second child, I was that asshole who used the term “the complete set”. Example: “Ohhhh, little Michael is going to have a baby sister? Looks like you’ll have the complete set!” (gag). By that logic, my set is incomplete. I’ve got two dudes.



They are the light of my life….but neither has a vagina. And, because of that, my “two and through” lifestyle is often questioned by well-meaning strangers/family members/friends, who are convinced that my third child would undoubtedly be female. Here’s the thing, well-meaning strangers/family members/friends; I don’t want a girl. I don’t want another boy, either. I just want two healthy kids (check and check!).

Am I a little sad that I won’t get to use my girl name? Sure, a bit. But maybe the boys will want a puppy, one day, and they’ll let me name her Beatrice Eloise.


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